Dennis Green, SVP Global Creative, Disney Consumer Products

During my tenure I had the pleasure of working with Muse on various projects. These projects included, but were not exclusive to consumer insights, trend forecasting, innovation, retail evaluation, character relevance, brand SWOT analysis and recommendations, and repositioning opportunities in a global market place.

Jenn is the consummate professional. She takes every assignment very seriously and always over delivers. Her prep work is legendary, and her presentations are not only focused and enlightening, but very entertaining. She has a very engaging style, that when mixed with her keen intellect, makes for a very inspiring presentation. Her energy levels are off the charts and her enthusiasm is contagious. 

The Muse team has a rare combination of high intellect and unparalleled creativity. When these are mixed in with their organizational skills you have a recipe for success.

I highly recommend Muse, and look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Muse was a big help in driving the Disney business from $11B to $22B in global sales. Their insights and point of view helped the Disney team look at opportunities and problems with a fresh perspective.


Ilene Strongin-Garry, Manager: Knowledge & Insights, InterContinental Hotels Group

Working with Muse, has been nothing short of wonderful. Muse was a true partner in my team's efforts to build a trends unit. They were able to provide guidance and insights to make us successful. Muse takes every opportunity to learn your business and then connects dots to provide actionable insights. Jennifer and Benton have a great sense of humor and working with them is an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend Muse.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative


Mike Crowell, Vice President, Global Marketing, Oakley

We hired Muse to help us gather multiple sets of data and craft a comprehensive consumer segmentation project. They immediately showed the ability to work across the organization to gather insights and information. They demonstrated a true passion to learn our culture, our points of view and our history and showed great experience by understanding its importance to the project’s success.

With this diligence in understanding our needs Muse was able to help us articulate and formulate the strategy and direction for this project.   Throughout our working relationship, Ben and Jenn consistently demonstrated high-level strategic and creative thought leadership. Their flexibility and collaborative nature allowed them to seamlessly integrate with a diverse group of Oakley team members, and they have an engaging and approachable style that makes them a joy to work with.

Last but not least, they have a deep base of knowledge in a broad range of topics that made it possible to artfully challenge our internal thinking and drive clarity on strategy. 

I highly recommend Muse as a partner in consumer insights, trends and strategic brand work.


Amy Innerfield, Research Director, HGTV

Jennifer was a member of our TrendSmart Advisory Board - a panel of experts providing advice and counsel to HGTV. She was always able to provide insights based on consumer trends and then show us how to tie those trends back to our business. This really helped some senior executives look closely at how we deliver and present our content and some changes were made. Jennifer was absolutely viewed as one of the leaders of this expert group and we would love the opportunity to work with her again.


Jorge Fuenmayor, Global Market Research Manager, adidas

adidas has been doing research projects with Muse for the last 8 years.  It has been a mix of topics: product feedback/direction for watch line, women’s training research, technologies, consumer segmentation and basketball.  They have always done a great job presenting overall findings, providing tons of insight/direction, delivering the results on the established timelines.  Great presentation skills and visual presentations are very easy to follow thanks to all the great graphics, sound bites and examples.


CJ Howe, VP Corporate Strategy, Nautilus Inc.

Muse has proven to be an invaluable asset to me as General Manager of Ryka, a women’s fitness company, and here at Nautilus Inc., leading global fitness equipment provider. 

The strengths within the Muse team are numerous, but I would like to point out the primary assets which keep me coming back to them with additional project work. Initially, the energy with which Muse approaches each project is unbounded.  They will pour themselves into understanding the challenge ahead and laying a path to reach resolution. 

Secondarily, the speed, efficiency, and organizational level with which they complete my projects is excellent.  They take the budget and timeline requests very seriously and present deliverables - which are consistently on the mark.  In order to maintain the speed and efficiency, Muse is never concerned with asking too many, or too few, questions.  They realize the need to truly understand the challenge before they dive into problem solving, so their inquisitiveness is appropriate and intelligent.

Finally, I can always rely on Muse to creatively represent my business and brand in perfect alignment with our written strategy.  Muse has delivered everything from a complete brand style guide down to a strategic & creative framework for business growth.  Both levels of creative work have been insightful, brand appropriate, and a fresh/inspiring springboard for growth.

Muse is a terrific partner!


Danene Jaffe, VP Consumer Development, Jarden Consumer Solutions

Working with Muse was an energizing and rewarding process.

ENERGIZING: Jarden Consumer Solutions turned to Muse to help identify new areas in which we could develop viable business opportunities based on emerging trends. They brought to our assignments their own innovative thinking and inspired others to think in a more creative and out of the box manner.  They have a unique way in which they immerse themselves in the subject matter and by looking at the opportunity through a consumer’s point-of-view, and through a different perspective they are able to generate new insights into the consumer issues to be addressed.  

REWARDING: Muse brings a keen business sense, which they use to translate their insights into business opportunities.  Muse provides the team with new ways of thinking about going to market and commercializing the opportunity. Their insight and business model recommendations were actionable and resulted in our team quickly securing funding to move the project forward.

Overall, I find Muse a pleasure to work with both based on the fun, energetic way in which they take on challenges and the positive (business) outcome of their approach and process.


Rita Siong, Director of Research, Oregon Lottery

Concerns over the flattening of Scratch-its sales resulted in the Oregon Lottery bringing in Muse as their research consultant to identify barriers to play, and opportunities for growth.  Muse was able to bring in a tremendous amount of creativity to the research design, introducing the Lottery to methodologies that the Lottery had not used before.  The various never-tried-before projects were very successfully implemented due to Muse's organizational skills, where different complex elements had to be juggled at the same time.  Muse's high energy is highly contagious, and was very effective in ensuring audience participation during brainstorming sessions, focus group discussions and presentations of findings.


Amy Kritzer, Senior Conference Producer, International Institute of Research

I worked with Jennifer last year as the producer of the Future Trends Conference. I chose Jennifer to chair the event because I knew she has consistently been involved at the conference as an industry leader. Jennifer has the energy to open the event on a lively note - even at 8am. She led the conference with creative commentary on the presenters, engaging questions from her and the audience and kept us running on time as well. Jennifer will be involved again as a chair at the event and I trust her contributions will be as insightful as ever!